Project Description

As part of a complete strip out and refit of a Junior School kitchen in East London, Hygienik lined the walls with 2.5mm K-Panel white hygienic wall cladding.

Over 300 square metres of PVC cladding was installed in a week by the Hygienik team who over-cladded existing plaster walls to create a pristine, low maintenance finish within the kitchen and canteen area.

Expert thermoforming of corners and recesses avoided creating exposed joints and seams which can be damaged and harbour germs.

As seen in the photographs on the left, holes were cut out to accommodate the service cables and wiring needed for the kitchen. The blue protection film is left on the cladding sheets until most trades have completed their work within the kitchen.

The photographs were taken before new safety flooring was installed. Fitters would have created a perfect seam between the safety flooring and the bottom of the cladding sheets approximately 100mm above the floor level.