Project Description

Hygienik has installed 600 square metres of AM-Guard Antimicrobial Wall Protection in main corridors and WCs at a private school in Slough.

The AM-Guard PVC Wall Protection system was installed in 8 days on three levels within the school before it was fully re-opened in March 2021.

AM-Guard offers two key advantages over existing painted plaster walls:

The antimicrobial surface actively kills bacteria and is the ideal wall covering for busy ‘touch points’, protecting everyone within the school. In contrast, plaster walls can harbour both visible stains and invisible microbes which can propagate on the surface and spread viruses.

The tough, scratch-resistant AM-Guard sheets protect walls, corners and recesses from impacts and provide maintenance-free, long-term protection. In comparison, plaster walls are easily marked and dented and regular maintenance is required.

Busy school corridors are the ideal location for AM-Guard, which is easy to clean and has a 20 Year Antimicrobial Performance Guarantee.

Corners were thermoformed throughout the installation to create a perfect finish and to avoid vulnerable seams.