Project Description

Hygienik Systems installed hygienic wall cladding throughout Russell Street Nursery in Bradford when it forced to close temporarily during the UK lockdown.

Over 100 square metres of 2.5mm K-Panel PVC hygienic wall cladding was installed over 2 days. Ivory and Turquoise cladding sheets were fitted to walls and pillars throughout the building to create the highest hygiene standards for when the young children return.

Extensive thermoforming of corners, recesses and pillars helped to minimise the number of joints and avoided creating exposed seams which can be damaged and harbour germs.

The giant teddy bear graphic seen in the the photograph on the left was installed by our our in-house large format graphics team at Dekko.

Hygienic cladding is durable and easy to clean, providing wipe-clean surfaces throughout the nursery. Along with other measures, it ensured that Russell Street Nursery could meet new Health & Safety criteria before re-opening.