Hygienik’s in-house design and graphics team, Dekko, can design and apply bespoke graphics to bring walls to life. We offer a choice of solutions including versatile large format graphics and ImageClad – a durable long-life printed solution with an industrial grade coating.

Our sensitive and imaginative designs substantially improve interior environments in hospitals, offices, schools, retail stores, care homes and pre-school nurseries.

Dekko follows best practice guidelines relating to each environment. Photographs of natural landscapes are favoured in hospitals because they help to maintain a sense of calm and the possibilities for imagery are limitless – as seen in Projects.



Dekko also specialises in pin-sharp branded graphics for temporary hoardings located in commercial environments including supermarkets, retail stores, shopping centres and offices.

The Dekko Graphics team can turn essential worksite hoardings into a colourful canvas to promote your brand or wayfinding messages during temporary works.