Project Description

The Hygienik team completed a 4-week fit-out of a food production area for one of the UK’s biggest snack brands, based in West Yorkshire.

Over 600 square metres of PVC was installed in the production area of a manufacturing plant that specialises in snacks – specifically in nuts.

Two cladding systems were used – white premium grade 10mm solid PVC hygienic cladding was fitted to the walls, and hollowform 10mm PVC ceiling planks were fitted to the ceilings throughout.

The experienced Hygienik installation team used thermoforming throughout the installation to minimise vulnerable joints around corners, recesses, beams and columns. They also neatly accommodated lighting and other industrial fittings within the walls and ceilings, and fitted the strip curtains seen in the last photograph.

A big challenge

The installation was delivered to tight deadlines and in constricted spaces as manufacturing continued through the phases of the project.

Re-locatable Kwik-Klik Freestanding foodsafe PVC hoardings were used to screen the works in different phases of the 4-week installation.

A company spokesperson kindly provided the following feedback:

“A well planned and executed install. The professionalism shown by the planning and installers was second to none.

The complexity of the project in a live working environment was dealt with by Hygienik with ease and the end product has allowed us to pass every audit with flying colours. It pays to use a company who are highly experienced in this industry.”