Project Description

Hygienik completed an extensive installation of hygienic wall cladding at Britvic’s production facility in Rugby.

Over 1000 square metres of hygienic PVC cladding was installed by our team during a 10-day programme at one of Britvic’s busiest bottling plants.

To achieve the hygienic standards demanded by a world class drinks manufacturer, Hygienik used 2.5mm K-Panel to line over existing walls up to a ceiling height of 8 metres. Steel RSJs, stanchions, recesses and fittings were boxed in with 10mm H-Panel system. A hygienic seal was also created around all pipework, cabling and ducting.

Combination of cladding systems

Matt Papworth, Managing Director of Hygienik said “This was a challenging 10-day project for our experienced team and we used a combination of different systems to seamlessly achieve the hygienic finish required. We are well-versed in over-cladding the varied substrates and in tackling the numerous issues typically found on similar sites. This is Hygienik’s third major project for Britvic and they trust us to deliver on such time-critical installations.”

The photographs show the extent of the production area interior walls which were with out PVC systems. ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos illustrate the forming of the wall linings and the detail required to achieve the high quality hygienic finish required by a multi-national company like Britvic.