Project Description

Hygienik completed the refurbishment of two Wards at Trafford General Hospital which is managed by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

Over 1,000 square metres of  antimicrobial cladding was installed over a 10 day period in late April and early May 2020, when the UK was subject to a full lockdown conditions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Antimicrobial cladding was specified to create and maintain the highest standards of hygiene in the Wards and to support the hospital’s Infection Control measures.

2.5mm white AM-Clad Antimicrobial Wall Cladding sheets were used to line the assisted bathrooms seen in the photographs on the left and 2mm grey and white AM-Guard Antimicrobial Wall Protection sheets were used to protect walls in kitchens, storage rooms and staff areas.

Extensive thermoforming was used throughout the wards by the experienced Hygienik installation team. On-site thermoforming of corners and recesses avoids creating exposed joints and seams which can be damaged and harbour germs.

AM-Clad Antimicrobial Wall Cladding actively kills germs and viruses and is proven in hospital operating theatres, schools, care homes and pre-school nurseries. AM-Clad has a satin finish and comes with a 20 Year Antimicrobial performance Guarantee.

AM-Guard Antimicrobial Wall Protection has a tough, embossed textured finish and is designed to withstand impacts from trolleys and other hazards.  AM-Guard is 20 times more scratch resistant than standard PVC cladding and its antimicrobial performance is also Guaranteed for 20 years.

Both AM-Clad and AM-Guard are chemical and stain resistant and easy to clean, maintaining the highest standards of hygiene in the places where it matters most.