Project Description

Four temporary McDonald’s restaurants within Olympic Park in London featured a recycled internal cladding system which was designed, developed and installed by the Hygienik team.

Our innovative cladding solution enabled McDonald’s to build temporary restaurants for the 6-week duration of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

One of the restaurants was the world’s biggest ever McDonald’s outlet, seating 1,500 customers. It served over 3 million visitors during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Working with AEW Architects and McDonald’s Olympic Construction team, Hygienik were challenged to find an eco-friendly alternative to traditional permanent PVC cladding for the four restaurants.

The restaurants were removed following the Games, so the challenge was to find a cladding materials that could be re-used or recycled after the restaurants were de-commissioned.

We installed over 2000 square metres of recycled cladding in the kitchen, washroom and corridor areas. The cladding was de-installed safely with minimum damage to the panels and collected by the Hygienik team.

Hygienik has installed and supplied cladding at over 350 McDonald’s restaurants in the UK, Sweden and Finland.